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Welcome to Dunn's Furniture, where we've been a trusted name in the world of mattresses since our establishment in 1954. For over six decades, we've been committed to providing the residents of St. Catharines, Ontario, with high-quality mattresses that ensure restful nights and rejuvenated mornings.

Our Heritage:

Founded in 1954, Dunn's Furniture has been a pioneer in the furniture industry, extending our expertise to the realm of mattresses. Over the years, we've refined our selection to bring you a curated range of mattresses that marry comfort, support, and durability.

Quality Sleep, Quality Mattresses:

At Dunn's Furniture, we understand the importance of a good night's sleep. Our collection of mattresses reflects our commitment to quality, featuring the latest advancements in sleep technology and materials. From traditional innerspring mattresses to memory foam and hybrid options, we offer a diverse range to cater to various preferences and sleeping styles.

Expert Guidance:

Choosing the right mattress is a personal experience, and our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through the process. With decades of expertise, we can help you find the perfect mattress that aligns with your comfort preferences, providing the support your body needs for a restorative sleep.

Visit Our Showroom:

Discover the difference a quality mattress can make by visiting our showroom in St. Catharines. Feel the textures, experience the support, and let us assist you in finding the mattress that suits your unique needs.

Transform your sleep experience with Dunn's Furniture – where comfort, quality, and a legacy of over 70 years come together to provide you with the perfect mattress for restful nights and refreshed mornings.

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