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Niagara's Premiere Home Furnishings Showcase Since 1954

Dunn's Furniture Fashions started when Andrew Artinian Sr. returned from the Second World War, hoping to follow his passion for opening a retail furniture store instead of his trade as a topographical draftsman.

When he read about the chance to sell Sylvania televisions door to door in 1953, he decided to follow his dreams. Andrew's business was so successful that when a small storefront on St. Paul Street became available, he seized the opportunity and what was once Dunn's Tailors soon became Dunn's Bestway Furniture Fashions.

Shortly after, in 1958, the chance to expand his store into a 10,000-square-foot location at the up-and-coming Pen Centre could not be passed by. Dunn's Furniture Fashions spent 28 years in that location and built a remarkable reputation. In 1986, Dunn's Furniture Fashions would relocate to its current location on Bunting Road, transforming what was once a Spanish Tavern restaurant into a welcoming and successful family furniture business.

The atmosphere of the store has changed over the years from a place where beds were all lined up and sold in rows, to a showcase with different rooms set up to personify and exhibit the feel and quality of Canadian-made furniture.

Andy Jr. and his brother Charlie started working in the store at a young age, taking over when their father retired. "Our father had a real passion for the business and people knew that, he had very strong principles about honesty and loyalty," said Andy Jr. "We've built on those principles, we remember them every day."

Dunn's Furniture Fashions still relies on service that always put the customer first, always willing to lend fabric samples to potential buyers or offer in-store design consultations. Furniture can be customized to suit a customer's need, such as making alterations to meet size restrictions.

In a time when many struggling businesses are changing their business plans, Dunn's Furniture Fashions' commitment to sell only North American made furniture at good prices with no pressure still stands.

The furniture that is coming into the store is becoming continually more transitional while remaining classic. Dunn's Furniture Fashions should not be written off by either young or old looking to furnish their home.

Andy Jr. still enjoys thinking up new ways to showcase the beautiful products in Dunn's Furniture Fashions and Charlie prioritizes helping with deliveries to make sure everything goes just the way the customer envisions it.

"It feels like we're always starting something new, it makes you want to keep going for another 65 years," said Charlie.

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